Worm Wee Fertilizer


This is 100% vermileachate, or Worm Wee concentrate, a 100% liquid organic fertilizer, made from Worm Wee, with naturally added organic calcium concentrate.

It is highly concentrated Organic Liquid Fertilizer.

To Use: Dilute it 1:100 with water, for use in the garden or on vegetables; and 1:50 for potplants.

2 Litre:

Cost in Rands:
2L: R150

5 Litre:

Cost in Rands:
5L: R300


Worm wee is a concentrated liquid produced by earthworms when converting organic matter into vermicompost. When natural organic wastes are processed through the earthworms’ digestive system, they produce a full range of pure, immediately available nutrients, together with a multitude of beneficial microbes.

When used correctly worm wee acts as a catalyst to help release locked in nutrients and provides stimulants for vegetable and flowering plants. It reduces the time it takes for a vegetable seedling to be ready to harvest substantially. Additionally vegetables are noticeably healthier and more nutritious.

Results improve when used in conjunction with worm castings.,

Research has shown that using vermicompost and wee inhibit some diseases and promote nitrogen fixation in the soil.

Other benefits of using composted worm tea use include:

  • reduced insect infestations
  • reduced water requirements for vegetation
  • it is non toxic around pets and children
  • it will not burn plants if overused