Vermicomposting (Worm Farming) is a system for turning food waste into Humus (high quality super-rich compost aka Black Gold) with the help of worms.

You can convert all your fruit and vegetable refuse to compost and fertilizer. You can SQ’Worm on your flat balcony, in your garage, and even in your kitchen.

Why Do I want a SQWormery?

To produce both liquid and solid plant nutrients, mulch and stimulants for your garden, cuttings and pot plants, and promote water conservation. Goodbye to chemical oil-based fertilizer and pesticide bills and hello to healthy organic plants. 

How do I SQWorm?

Give your organic kitchen waste to your worms in your worm bin. Bacteria and other organisms break it down and worms eat the food waste. They turn it all into humus — nutrient rich food for growing healthy plants. 

What About SQWorm Liquid Black Gold?

Depending on the size of your bin, after about 3 to 6 months you will have a full bin of vermicompost humus. Within a week to two weeks, you will begin to have highly concentrated liquid organic fertilizer aka worm wee.

Do I have to keep buying new Worms?

No, treated well, they will reproduce. Worms reproduce depending on the amount of food available. 

Doesn’t SQWorming Smell?

No, odor is minimal, but don’t overload.

Do people really SQWorm?

Vermicomposting is becoming more and more popular. It is the most organically intensive way to recycle on site.

What does a SQWormery worm bin look like?

It consists of a 50 liter (or larger 120 liter for businesses) 100% recycled housing (black dust bin); with ventilation holes, mounted on a metal stand to collect the organic liquid fertilizer in a jug. 

How does the SQWormery Work?

The worm’s eat their way up from the bottom feed tray (their original bedding) up the next feedtray. When most of the worm’s are in the upper feedtrays, all trays are removed. The top two, with their worms and waste then replace the removed bottom trays. The solid black gold organic compost is used for top soil, mulch, etc. Worms for worm farming are not the same as those found in your garden. Special composting red wriggler worms work best as they thrive in the rich moist conditions of a wormery. Common vermicomposting worms are: Tiger Worms, Red Wrigglers and Indian Blues. 

More SQWorm Facts:

Earthworms are hermaphrodites: each worm has both male and female sex organs in the skin and expel urine through special pores. Each adult worm can produce up to 12 babies per week. If worms don’t like their conditions, they will try to leave. If they don’t find a new home in composted material, they will die. 



Wormery 50 Litre

A SQWormery (Worm Farm) consists of a 50L worm bin, with exit holes, ventilation holes, jug for fertilizer, all mounted on a steel tripod.

» Home Wormery 50 Litre
» Business Wormery 120 Litre.

» Home WormeryBusiness Wormery

Red Wriggler Worms

Red Wriggler Vermicompost Worms in humus bedding with eggs and baby worms.

» Red Wriggler Worms.

Worm Castings

Worm Castings the result of approximately 3 – 6 months of Vermi-Composting. They are an extremely high concentrate humus.

» Worm Castings / Compost / Humus

Worm Wee

Worm Wee Concentrate aka vermileachate, a 100% liquid organic fertilizer. Highly Concentrated.

» Worm Wee Fertilizer.