FAA: Fish Amino Acid

SQWorms does not currently have any Fish Amino Acid (FAA) available for order. Anyone wanting some FAA is welcome to cultivate their own, by following recipe’s provided below.




Large: FAA Fish Amino Acid Recipe

– Source: Agri Pinoy.


Cho Han Kyu’s Korean Natural Farming Handbook p.131 – 132


1. What is FAA

Amino acids are nitrogen (N) part of the five elements of fertilizer. Fish amino acid is a liquid made from fish trash. It contains abundant amounts of nutrients and various types of amino acids. It is absorbed directly by the crops and it stimulates the activity of microorganisms. If you add urea you will have an even better effect.

2. How to make FAA

Put fish trash (head, bones, intestines etc) into a clay pot or plastic jar. Blue black fish like mackerel, saury and gizzard shad are especially good.

Add an equal amount of brown sugar.

In about 2-3 days due to osmotic pressure the fish meat is liquefied and will complete fermentation in about 7-10 days. When you see fat floating on the solution add 2-3 handfuls of IMO3 (Indigenous Micro-Organism) and this will dissolve all the fat.

Once it is ready extract and use the liquid.

3. How to use FAA

FAA is normally used at the 1:1000 dilution. Being a nitrogen fertilizer, FAA (mixed with FPJ) will boost the growth of crops during the vegetative growth period when applied on both soil and leaf. Do not use during the reproductive period if you are worried about overgrowth. However, it can be used continuously with leafy vegetables.

Depending on the type of fish used the distinctive scent may function as an insect repellent. Collect the fat from that fish during the production process. Mix this fat with water and spray around the crops. Just spraying around the greenhouse can be effective. Herring produces the largest amount of fat. This fat has a very strong smell that repels insects. It is particularly effective against Mythimna Separala Walker. Mackerel FAA is effective against mites and white fly. Dilute and mist spray onto the leaves.

FAA will also promote the fermentation process of making IMO or mixed compost.

Once FAA is made the bones will be left over. Put Brown Rice Vinegar on the bones at a ration of 10:1 and the bones will be decompose and becomes high quality natural calcium phosphate. Many more uses can be found for this wonderful input.
– Source: Rooftop Ecology.