Bokashi H-Toilets

About Human Waste:

Human waste (affectionately known as ‘humanure’) is a resource that is overlooked. Our feces and urine combined contain enough nutrients to grow all the food we need to survive. Combining human waste with sawdust, kitchen scraps, weeds and prunings in a compost bin can generate enough heat to destroy human pathogens and compost the material, turning it into something new – rich organic fertilizer.

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I personally use a Bokashi Bucket Humanure Toilet system, for my bodily waste process materials. Bokashi is a fermenting process used in Japan to ferment all organic waste. I collect and ferment my personal ‘manure’ waste, along with all other organic waste generated from our home, including the dog’s manure, for two weeks in the bokashi mixture. I then mix it into my compost pile.

Bokashi is very simple and easy to make, the ingredients are sawdust cultured for 4 weeks in effective microorganisms and then dried.


Bokashi Composting Human or Dog Manure:

You can compost any organic product with bokashi: left over meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, cheese, dog manure, human manure, etc.

There are no nasty smells, my bokashi bucket stands in my bathroom, although you do need a tight fitting lid, because bokashi organisms prefer to work in a low anaerobic environment. No bugs, minimal greenhouse gases, just organic biologically active, slow release compost easily and quickly.

When you add some dog or humanure manure to your bucket, you simply sprinkle a handful of Bokashi over it. 

When your bucket is full, you let it ferment in the shade for two weeks. 


Discarding Fermented Bokashi Humanure:

Bokashi humanure containing human or dog or other manure: Once your human/dog manure has been fermented in Bokashi for a minimum of two weeks, you can add it to your compost heap in your garden; allowing the composting process to further cure the pathogens, for six months to a year.

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