Eco v Ego Footprint


An Anthropocentric Ego Politician, CEO, Activist or citizens is a person who is an ideological, cultural or religious prisoner of Anthropocentrism, which is the position that human beings are the central or most significant species, or the assessment of reality through an exclusively human perspective.

Anthro/Ego Prisoner politicians and citizens support Tragedy of the Commons policies endorsing humans inalienable ‘right to breed’ and ‘right to consume’ above ecological carrying capacity limits, that result in ecological overshoot, the extermination of other species; scarcity and conflict; for the short term political and social benefits of the respective politicians and corporate or breeding war elite citizens.

An individuals Ego/Eco Footprint is determined from their:

Consumption Footprint x Procreation Factor.


Consumption Footprint

An Individuals Consumption Footprint is a measure of their consumption of renewable natural resources. The total area of productive land or sea required to produce all the crops, meat, seafood, wood and fibre the individual consumes, to sustain its energy consumption and to give space for its infrastructure. The individuals consumption habits (size of house, consumption habits, etc need to be collected) and submitted to a Footprint Quiz calculator.

Footprint Network: Footprint Quiz
Sustainable Economy: Footprint Quiz

The final result of the Consumption footprint shall be an amount of land area in global hectares (gha), which are required to sustain the individual’s lifestyle.

Procreation Factor
The procreation factor is ’20’ for every child. For every child the citizen has procreated, their consumption footprint must be multiplied by a factor of 20; i.e. (1 child, multiply by ’20’; 2 children, multiply by 40; and so on)


Large: 15-10-09_Footprints-EcoEgo

These Footprint analysis and conclusions have been submitted to scientific Footprint experts for their feedback and confirmation to International Criminal Court; in the matter of EoP PoW -v- Nobel Peace Laurettes, et al.

If everyone consumed and procreated like individuals below; we would need so many earths:

  • EGO: Jacob Zuma: Ego: 2090 | Dennis Banks: 1099 | Cliven Bundy: Ego: 1624 | William Windsor: 912 | Brad Blanton: Ego: 650 | Julian Assange: Ego: 163 | Martin Luther King: 163 | Mark Zuckerberg: Ego: 25 [prior to recent birth of child. With recent birth of child; multiply with procreation factor of 20 per child; ie. currently Ego: 500] | Hans Astrup: Ego: 22.8
  • ECO: Lara Johnstone: Eco: 0.8 | Anders Breivik | Dylann Storm Roof | Aaron Alexis | Chris Harper Mercer | Beate Zschape | Ted Kaczynski | Timothy McVeigh

Excerpt: IGN: Eco Innocent v Ego Man Scarcity Combatant’s and their Crime of Aggression Acts of War Footprints.